Legal notice

Owner of the website “” and responsible for the content is:

Akram Radwan
Finkenweg 5
64331 Weiterstadt, Germany

Due to the european jurisdiction I avaoid setting direct links. It is impossible to check third party websites completely for possible violations of international copyright laws.

The server logs the following data automatically:

  • IP address
  • Time of access
  • Accessed pages
  • Referrer-URL
  • Browser type and version

Usually, this data is not processed and deleted manually after three weeks or less.
I also use a plugin from Sucuri to ensure the security of this webpage. It scans user names and all login attempts for suspicious activities. The IP address is logged and saved for 14 days. According to Sucuri the data is only stored locally and not transmitted to a third party.
To use the website there is no login required. Registration and comments are disabled to minimize the storage of personal information.

The owner of the server farm where this site is hosted also saves IP address and time of access to ensure the safe operation of their systems. This website is hosted on servers in Germany owned by Celeros.

If you use the contact form it sends an email which is not encrypted. Messages are not linked to the Website and not stored in its database. If you want that I delete your message immediatly, please note it when writing the message.

The website doesn’t collect additional data and it doesn’t set cookies unless logged in. The JavaScript code is used for adjusting how the page looks on different devices and has no additional features. There are no website analytics active that could be used for tracking. This website doesn’t include advertisments or affiliate links.

To include the option of social media connection I use the pligin “Shariff Wrapper” to minimize tracking by third parties. When clicking on the graphic you are forwarded to the website of the social media company. This works just like following other links. When you click on such a link the third party receives information about you like your ip address. If you don’t click on the social media buttons, no data transfer is triggered. You can find information about how the social media websites use your data on their pages. More informations about the used plugin and about the Shariff solution in general is available here: