Elite boarding school (part4) – Buildings 3 and 4

Latest version of the panoramas from buildings 3 and 4 of the elite boarding school.

I touched all images of the boarding school after I noticed the stitching errors and the following fight with Adobe® Photoshop®. I managed to correct some errors in Autopano. The rest was fixed with Affinity Photo. I avoided the 32-bit mode of Photoshop just to be sure. Furthermore, Affinity Photo has some great tools to retouch the tripod that are not available in Photoshop.

I have not finished the tonemapping and the finishing touch in Photoshop. So, you get the rest of this series in four parts, starting with buildings 3 and 4. There is only one look left that I also want to use for the final tour. It might be necessary to apply some color corrections, though.

All images are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 just like before.