Beelitz, May 2014, service buildings

Some photos of the service buildings of "Beelitz Heilstätten", Germany, May 2014.

We, my brother, my brother-in-law and I, visited the ruins of “Beelitz Heilstätten” in May 2014. Beelitz is a town close to Berlin, Germany. “Beelitz Heilstätten” is a huge hospital complex that lied in ruins after the Sowjets left the area.

This was my first large photo trip with my Canon EOS 70D. And that to the most famous lost place in Germany. In the meantime most buildings are renovated and it’s no longer lost.

The following images are a small excerpt of the photos I made from the service buildings. I’d love to visit that place again with the experience I gained in the meantime but unfortunately this is no longer possible.

Pictures of the other buildings follow with the next posts.


The bakery consisted of several small rooms and the main bakery room with the oven. If I have the time I want to try to get more out of the photos I took with the image processing experience I have now.


The butcher building was a very interesting building. With some patience you could get many different light situations. Especially that machine in the basement was interesting but I took only a few photos and watched my brother disecting it for some time.
The photo of the rest of the shelf or whatever it once was was pretty boring when I looked at it in the building. But on the camera display it was visible already which colors are hidden in the rust and the tiles. The raw editor did the rest.


According to the plan that we got there were two kitchen buildings. I took only the large room of the first building although there were some intersting subjects in the upper floor. But I was too tired when I got up there so I only watched my brother taking photos there.
The second building was more interesting, especially the outdoor panorama that I created out of 40 individual photos.


The landry was a difficult subject. There were a few large rooms that looked interesting at some point in time when the light was right but I was too inexperienced to capture it.
“The alcoholic” was arranged by another photographer and killed shortly afterwards by third one. I really liked how the overall looked.
Another interesting subject was the plant that chose a ledge to try to grow into a tree. It was not very successful, though because it mummified within a year.

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