Beelitz, May 2014, Laboratory and power house

Photos of the laboratory and the power house of Beelitz Heilstätten, Germany, May 2014.

Strictly speaking I have to admit that the power house is also a service building. But I found it so fascinating that I want to give it more space.

Additional photos of the tour are available with the following posts.


But first the laboratory. The building looked very interesting but it was at the brink of collapsing. Therefore I could only take an outdoor shot. Fortunately, it could be stabilized and it was even possible to book a photo tour inside. However, considering the six hours I would need to get there I didn’t took that opportunity.

Outdoor view of the laboratory of the Beelitz clinic
The laboratory of the hospital. During that time there was a high risk that it collapsed completely but it could be saved.

Power house north

Of course, the power house was almost empty. But there was still the heavy odor of rich oil in the air. This is the location where I took my first very large panorama out of 139 individual photos. It took me over two hours to take all photos, including a lunch break. Considering the time, I was really surprised that I had no serious problems during stitich even though the sun moved a considerable way.

I experimented a lot with different settings for the HDR to LDR conversion. Still, I can’t decide which image I like best but I only show two of the many versions I created of that panorama.

I also took different views but mostly as single images.

A very interesting view was that out of a window.

Window towards a brick wall in the northern power house of Beelitz Heilstätten
One of the more interesting windows of the northern power house

Another attempt of a panorama was the pit with the oil pumps. I didn’t had a panorama head at that time because I just started to buy my gear at that time. I got it more or less together. But you have to imagine an extremely strong Diesel odor when looking at this image.

As a side note, to get down to the pit it was necessary to climb down an old metal spiral stair. According to the security it was perfectly safe using it but I’m still not sure if this was really the case.

Pit with oil pumps for the northern power house of Beelitz Heilstätten
Oil pumps in a pit of the northern power house. The final image consists of 69 individual photos.

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