Elite boarding school (part 1)

It's possible to book a former DDR elite boarding school at go2know. The first two of a maximum number of 29 panos are ready now. I took the photos back in 2015 and now it's time to show them, at last.

In the last months I mostly worked on projects related to my day job. But now I have some spare time to continue with one of my personal panorama projects.

In 2015 I booked a photo tour to a former elite boarding school of the German Democratic Republic (DDR). It’s still available at www.go2know.de. A part of the area is still in use but some buildings are pretty much empty for quite some time now.

The first two pictures are from the entrance area and from a room in the first floor of the main school building. I used two different tonemapping settings. So far I have not decided how which style I will use for the final virtual tour.

The panos consist of a total of 84 single images. I use Photomatix to stitch them to only 12 HDR images. Autopano created a single HDR panorama from these 12 images. This worked surprisingly well at least for these two despite the fact that I misaligned the camera a bit. The final HDR panorama took two rounds through Photomatix to end up with the two LDR versions. The finishing touch comes from Photoshop and some Topaz filter. I adjusted noise, sharpness, contrast and colors before reducing the size to 25% of the original for the presentation in this post.

When I’m finished with all 29 panos I plan to combine them in a virtual tour with a higher resolution. I’m pretty certain that I will touch most of the images again to have a consistent style in the tour. But until then I will post a couple of additional posts with the intermediate results.

Update 2017-Jan-21: Updated metadata of image files to include information about licence CC BY-NC 4.0

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