Elite boarding school – Update

Progress update of the boarding school project and preview for interactive panos.

From the 29 panos I discarded one and I’m still fighting with another one. But I finished the HDR files for the remaining 27 including retouching of the tripod and fixing of stitching errors. The step that’s left are tonemapping and the usual corrections of sharpness, color and brightness.

I decided to place all final images of this project under the creative commons license BY-NC 4.0. I will update the images I posted earlier to update the licensing information in the meta data. Only the final images are licensed under BY-NC 4.0, not the original photos or the HDR step. If you want access to the OpenEXR files in full resolution, we can negotiate an individual license.

Besides licensing and fighting with Autopano, I also experimented with Panotour and Pano2VR. I’ve not drawn a final conclusion how to embed interactive panos into this website but I have a low-res preview with extreme tonemapping applied.


I expect that the next post contains the exterior views of the boarding school.