Elite boarding school (part 3) – outdoor panos

Oudoor panos of the elite boarding school that I booked at go2know. This third part contains the panos in the usual 2:1 format but also as an interactive virtual tour.

I shot seven panos outside of the buildings. You can find one of them in the first post of this series. The remaining ones follow here.

Like before, I used two different looks. One more natural, making use of the large dynamic range of the HDR images. The second look is more artistic and has extreme tonemapping and adjustments applied.

Like I wrote in the last post, the sky was problematic for some images. If I got the rest of the image right Photomatix created a very artificial looking sky. But I restricted myself to adjusting the sky in Photoshop instead of tonemapping again for the sky and then merging everything together. I’m not satisfied completely but for this project the result is good enough.

After I found out how to add interactive panos to this website I can present you an interactive virtual tour of the artistic version of the outdoor panos with the reduced resolution. A tour with full resolution will be available once all images are finished.